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TM Ferrari Pedal Springs

Ferrari Wheel

Ferrari Paddles 

Act Labs Pedals 

Lowered RS Shifter 

Force RS  Lubricating

Force RS  Squeak

RS Shifter Switch

Ferrari Wheel

with RS Shifter

Tune Up Your

Formula Force GP

A Better LWFF Wheel



Live for Speed Demo 

Radeon 8500 to Ti4400 Upgrade 

Nascar Heat Preview & Downloads  

GeForce2 MX vs. Voodoo5 5500 

Asus P3V4X vs. 

Abit BE6-II 

IBM Deskstar 75GXP 

Ferrari vs Force RS

TM/Guillemot Ferrari Comparison



DOOM3 Joystick

with RBJoy  

Controller And Game Settings  

Beginner's Guide to Grand Prix Legends

Scoring Customer Support
Joey's Pinewood Derby

Utilities and 

Hardware Patches 

Fun Project    Painted Force RS
Hybrid  LW-RS

1/18 Scale 

Model Lotus 49 

GP3  Pictures 

and Downloads

Lotus XI LeMans Pictures
A Simple Home Made Shifter

What's Up At

Act Labs

Sponsor Decals 


Pioneer DV-563A Universal  Player
Finding the Sweet Spot

Building the Shiva Subwoofer


DIY Equipment



Website        Forum

Website        Forum


Guillemot comes through.

Act Labs upgrades.


RS Shifter Patch is on the Utilities/Hardware 

Patches page.



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The lowered RS Shifter is in a comfortable, natural position.

Hybrid Wheel LW-RS



Act Labs RS Shifter enhances the LWFF wheel

Making a better LWFF

using Act  Labs parts.



The lowered RS Shifter is in a comfortable, natural position.

Ferrari wheel with RS Shifter.











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Welcome to Tweaks & Reviews 

  There are many fine products that could be great if not for some little annoyance or something that just doesn't work as well as it could. Here we'll find simple ways to fine tune the products to enhance their  performance. We'll try to keep the enhancements as simple as possible so that anyone with a few hand tools can perform them. If a product has been fine tuned, the review will be done after the product has been modified. The fine tuning guides and overviews may specify technical information to enhance the article, but the reviews will be based on everyday experience. So a video card review, for example, won't have specs on polygons or fill rates, but it may give the frame rates achieved in a game. If it can be reliably overclocked, it will be tested that way. If there are 2 or more similar products that have been popular or highly rated, a shoot-out type of review will be done to try to determine which one is best.

Most of the How-To articles have captions when you put the cursor over the pictures. I like to use a lot of pictures in these articles but am always afraid the pages will take too long to load. It's hard for me to judge because I'm on cable modem. So the picture quality is a trade off between  speed and resolution.

Some links in the table of contents to the left are not active, but indicate articles in progress.

My reviews on other sites


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Slot's Nascar Racing 2003 review on SGN

My first win against the AI drivers in GPL. I won 6 out of 8 races that night.

I won the race and forgot how to snap the picture, so I had to race 2 more times to get another win just to capture this screen.

September 17, 2005

    The camcorder page has updated sound clips for the mics I'm testing. Nady Systems has sent me a CM-2S stereo mic for a review I'll be writing shortly. After some preliminary testing, this mic looks promising.



August 9, 2005

    I've added a couple more articles. One of them has been done for a year, but not published. It's a tutorial on how to program RBJoy for Doom3 for joystick and trackball support. It'll walk you through it and once you've got it figured out, you can make a template for most games. With RBJoy, I even added a slow walk feature that's not in the game. If you're still playing First Person Shooters with a mouse and keyboard, you don't know what you're missing. To find the article, look under MISC. then Doom3.


    The second article is in the Audio/Video section and it's about some hand made camcorder accessories. (LCD hood, microphone shock mount and windscreen.) I expect this article to continue growing, so it may never be completely finished.


1916 Ascot Speedway


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